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BEN Drowned  by BENSultimatefangirl BEN Drowned :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 5 0
Just Another Victim? BEN Drowned X Reader ch. 10
You woke up to the sound of  scratching at the window. You sat up, and BEN woke up. BEN heard the scratching and and went over to the window. He opened the curtains to see The Rake clawing at the window. BEN rolled his red orbs.
He closed the curtains and backed away. The Rake broke the window jumping into the room. He darted at you faster than BEN could do anything. He grabbed you and darted out of the room. You were screaming.
BEN appeared infront of The Rake. "Put her down!" He yelled. The Rake snarled at him. Jeff came over and stabbed The Rake in the back. The Rake screeched and dropped you.
BEN helped you up and ran back upstairs. The Rake turned to Jeff and snarled. Jeff held up his knife as The Rake lunged at him, stabbing The Rake once again.
The Rake was growling as he ran out of the manor. Jeff sighed in relief. "Thanks, Jeff!" BEN said as he went back into his room with you. "What's next?" You asked. "Some demon lord gonna come after me?"
BEN sighed. "It's only a matte
:iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 11 4
I DREW MAH BABY!! by BENSultimatefangirl I DREW MAH BABY!! :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 1 0 BEN Drowned by BENSultimatefangirl BEN Drowned :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 5 1 Disorder by BENSultimatefangirl Disorder :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 4 35 Disorder's insane personality by BENSultimatefangirl Disorder's insane personality :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 3 130
Just another victim? (BEN Drowned X reader) pt. 9

BEN ran into the manor, laughing. "Oh, I so love messing with people with their electronics!" He said, and continued to laugh. "Oh, look, the elf is back." Jeff said with a smirk. "Yeah, yeah. Did (Y/N) leave my room at all?" BEN asked.
"Not that I know of." Jeff replied. "Anyone see her at all?" Jeff asked the others, who shook their heads. "Wow, she stayed in there the whole time I was gone?" BEN asked. "Probably too scared of the rest of us to come out." Jeff replied, his smile widening.
BEN rolled his red orbs at the raven haired killer. "Shut up." He said as he went up to his room. BEN walked in to see you peacefully asleep. BEN smirked at your sleeping figure. Suddenly a crash of thunder made you dash upright.
"Well, what do you think about that? It starts raining right when I get back." BEN said and rolled his eyes. "Damn, glad I got home when I did." He added.
"That is some loud thunder." You said. BEN nodded. There was another loud crash, m
:iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 77 34
Just another Victim? (BEN Drowned X reader) pt. 8

"BEN, go for to that waterfall over there, there's a secret passage behind it." You said as you noticed BEN was playing a game you've played before. BEN tilted his head to the side, But headed for the waterfall.
Surely enough, behind the waterfall was a passage that led to a whole new location. "How did you-" BEN was about to ask something, but you cut him off. "I played this before, not many people know about that passage." You replied.
"Well, maybe it's a good thing I kept you around." BEN said. You rolled your eyes. There was a bang at the door. Both you and BEN jumped. BEN got up and was about to open the door, until it was ripped off it's hinges and The Rake dashed in.
"OH, YOU SO OWE ME A NEW DOOR!" BEN yelled, only to have The Rake swipe at him with his claws. BEN ducked the claws and growled. The Rake turned his attention to you. "(Y/N), run, I'll hold him off!" BEN ordered as he pointed to the doorless frame.
The Rake darted at you, and you
:iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 54 21
Just another victim? (BEN Drowned X reader) part 7

You heard a loud crash downstairs that made you jolt awake, and sit up quickly. You didn't see BEN in the room. You quickly got up and walked out of the room. "BEN?" You asked as you carefully walked downstairs.
You reached the living room to see the front door had been broken down. That must have been the crash. You looked over and saw BEN knocked out on the floor. "BEN?" You asked as you walked over to him. You knelt down to him and shook him.
BEN groaned as he sat up. "(Y-Y/N)?" He asked. You nodded. "What happen?" You asked. "WHAT HAPPEN TO THE DOOR?!" A voice boomed, making you jump.
"T-The Rake broke in again." BEN said as he rubbed the back of his head. "The Rake?" You asked. "Don't worry about him, child." Slenderman said.
You gave a confused look. "Why did he attack BEN?" You asked. "He was trying to get to you." BEN said. "I wouldn't let him, so he knocked me out and left." He added. Your eyes widened a little.
"He was after me?" You asked
:iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 53 34
Just another victim (BEN Drowned X reader) Part 6

You woke up to the sound of video game music. You yawned and sat up, looking at BEN playing video games. "BEN, why are you playing so late?" You asked tiredly. "Because I can." BEN replied. You groaned and covered your face in a pillow, trying to go back to sleep.
"Can you at least turn the volume down?" You asked. BEN sighed and did so. "Happy now?" He asked. "Very." You replied. You slowly fell asleep again.
You yawned as you woke. You sat up stretching, only to see BEN curled up sleeping on the other side of the bed. He actually looked adorable, and you giggled. Somehow, you couldn't hate BEN. Even after he tried to kill you, even though you wanted to hate him.
Sure, you disliked him, but you couldn't hate him completely no matter how much you wanted to. BEN opened one of his eyes and looked at you. "Up a little early, don't ya think?" BEN asked with a small smirk. "Am I?" You asked as you looked at the time. 7:02.
BEN sat up and yawned. "You
:iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 56 36
Nya X Disorder by BENSultimatefangirl Nya X Disorder :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 2 10 Disorder by BENSultimatefangirl Disorder :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 3 72 Raive by BENSultimatefangirl Raive :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 2 0 Jeff, BEN and...Ragamuffin by BENSultimatefangirl Jeff, BEN and...Ragamuffin :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 3 0 some of my Creepypasta ocs hangin' out by BENSultimatefangirl some of my Creepypasta ocs hangin' out :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 4 0 Endora, Ghost whisperer, Sasha and Amarande by BENSultimatefangirl Endora, Ghost whisperer, Sasha and Amarande :iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 3 0


Himitsu no Tegami by Mhyon Himitsu no Tegami :iconmhyon:Mhyon 206 20 AI by QueenOf-Aces AI :iconqueenof-aces:QueenOf-Aces 3 0 The chosen one by Sirio12 The chosen one :iconsirio12:Sirio12 105 21 Purple Guy icon [FREE/GRATIS] by La-Yiyi Purple Guy icon [FREE/GRATIS] :iconla-yiyi:La-Yiyi 27 6
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Black Rose (Levi X Reader) Lemon! :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 278 438
Alice OC - My Little Pony Plush by Masha05 Alice OC - My Little Pony Plush :iconmasha05:Masha05 16 3 Cyborg!! by Creeate97 Cyborg!! :iconcreeate97:Creeate97 8 5 Pinkamena (if I spelled that right) by 20percentcooler75 Pinkamena (if I spelled that right) :icon20percentcooler75:20percentcooler75 2 2 Pixel - Chasing the White Rabbit by DAV-19 Pixel - Chasing the White Rabbit :icondav-19:DAV-19 9,931 773 Creepy party by DAV-19 Creepy party :icondav-19:DAV-19 8,019 662 To:BENSultimatefangirl lol Thank You! by TowBird To:BENSultimatefangirl lol Thank You! :icontowbird:TowBird 2 3 Murdoc and 2D comic by jennji Murdoc and 2D comic :iconjennji:jennji 48 16 Vriska vs Aradia by SonicRocksMySocks Vriska vs Aradia :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 719 18 Kankri Vantas by SonicRocksMySocks Kankri Vantas :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 1,318 42 Commission - Couchstuck by SonicRocksMySocks Commission - Couchstuck :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 795 42 BEN by WarriorWildfur BEN :iconwarriorwildfur:WarriorWildfur 396 61


by weroni

this is absolutely incredible! I love the colors and the realistic look you've givin it! and the canvas is so cute! I love how you did ...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love the design and character all together! The flowers are a nice touch too. This piece is amazing and...


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Hi everyone!! Its Charity!! I'm back on DA! I've had a lot of IRL problems and no internet but I'm back!!! Whoo!!! You get to deal with more of my crappy stuff!! XD actually I've improved since I've been gone on my art. Huehuehue.


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Charity Valentine
Artist | Literature
United States
Honk. X3

Jack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFsBunnymund Fan Stamp by shadyGIFsSandy Fan Stamp by shadyGIFsTooth Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs I'm not putting North, because he's the only guardian i'm not really a fan of.Animated Creepypasta Support Stamp by Unattentive-TeenI love South Park by EarthhelLHomestuck stamppppp by ghostlycrab Homestuck Trolls fanstamp by KirigamiRiguya Why I love Homestuck by underseagalaxies I'd Rather Be. . . Homestuck by KittyKit27 Mambostuck Gamzee by UsagiGami Stamp: Karkat by Michiru-Mew Stamp: Gamzee by Michiru-MewCreepypasta Fans by JokerhoundCreepypasta Stamp by NOKAPIplzBlair Stamp -Soul Eater- by SeylanSoul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUpREPLY ALREADY Stamp by IrkenZarPull your pants up by Sergeant-McFluffers:thumb466163171:Disney Stamp: GASTHURRRN by XxoOjunefoxOoxXWALL-E Stamp: Oh Hell No by XxoOjunefoxOoxXJack IID stamp by DeviantSithRegular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by ZenityOCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146I like scary movies by OktanasI want another season by Ajvonka

Music/ fave band stamps:
Stamp: So shut the fuck up. by CatthyloveMusic Stamp by TaylorinchainsGorillaz Stamp by SeizureDemonI got Sunshine in a BAG by ginacartoon :thumb205542233:2D Rock The House -Stamp- by ParamourxLightsGorillaz Stamp by Fuchsilein2D Gorillaz - Stamp by Vinded2-D Bleh Stamp by veronica-the-foxOn Melancholy Hill Stamp by veronica-the-foxMusic Stamp2 by JetProwerTheFoxQueen Classic Rock Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanStamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi

Jeff was bullied
Sally was raped
BEN was Drowned
Hoodie was betrayed
L.J was abandoned
E.J was a sacrifice
Lost Silver was forgotten
Glitchy Red was thought as a joke
Liu's love was taken away from him
Masky couldn't help his disorder
Toby couldn't help his ticks

Though some Creepypasta's may be scary, they're like us in a big way. Repost if you agree


Y̟̍̇̏̎͋̚o͙ͫ͌̈u̩̝͚̜̜̲̰̓̒̈̓̉̿ͬ ̾ͤ́͏͚sh̖̲̱̰͒̉̎̈́ͥ͆ô̮̬̝̮͎̻͇̈́̓̚͢u͍͈ͥ̄͑͆ͯl͉̺̠͎͗ͣ̄ͯͮ̐d̢̋̃̆n̮̣̬͞'̠͙̥̠̱̘͊̽ͮt͚̤̣̦̐͒̿̆͘ ̝̟̞͓͍̺̾̾̓̒̈͢h̯͓̠̳͚͛̇͌̑a̼̭v̳̜̥̜̝̣̝e̛̞͖̰͙̠̐̊ͮ ̤̲̮ͨ͂ͫ̇͑͜d̟͍ͦͤ̆́̈́o̜͊ͩn̛͉̺ͥ̍ͭ̈e̢̩͔̻̭͍͇͉ͧ̂ͫ ̝̦̓͒̑͡t͉̔̐̓h̩̙ͫ̾ͮ̅̂̏a̪̥͖̩̪̖̋́t̨̼̯̤̩̟̝̓ͭ̒̉ͬ̀.̤͛̂.̞͕̜̣̙̄.̿̌͐ͣͯ̃


╔══╗ ╔══╗╔╗ Put this on your
║╔═╝ ║╔╗║║║ profile if you love
║║ ║╚╝║║║ Creepy pastas!!!
║║ ║╔═╝╚╝ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
║╚═╗ ║║ ╔╗
╚══╝ ╚╝ ╚╝

mess with me and things will get real. COUNT ON IT!

i love BEN my name indicates. he's my favorite CreepyPasta. i love drawing but i do not draw digitally very often. i'm just a hyper,happy-go-lucky 15 year old.

Let it go, Let it go!!!:D gawd that song's stuck in my head. XD


Full name:Charity A. Valentine


current residence:somewhere in the u.s.a

Languages:english, Italian,french a lil bit of spanish

Likes: roleplaying, creepypasta

Creepypastas i like:all (including) L.J now

Dislikes:school. :D

Orientation: straight

Fave song: Broken Angel



Little info of my creepypasta ocs.

Name: Jaiden (Disorder)

Age: 17

How he got his look: car crash.

Siblings: Jordan (older brother, dead)

Parents: N/A

Family: wanders on his own, but knows the pastas.

Favorite food: French toast

Relationship: Single
Likes: French toast, Grape Juice,the creepypastas, and his gun

Dislikes: someone touching his gun, burnt toast


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